Introducing our new SDK specifically designed to make location-based services easy. Use GPS, all popular beacon standards or Wi-Fi on either iOS or Android without the hassle.

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Location-based Services

With the potential that location-based services bring, implementing the right technology is important.



Smartphone owners who use location-based services apps.


Number of technologies (at least) an app can use to determine location, each with specific needs.

However, which technology should you use — GPS, beacons or Wi-Fi? Android and iOS demand different implementations for each technology, making app development difficult, especially since Apple's and Google's preferred SDKs implement only their favourite technology.

Flexible pricing available

Making Location-based Apps Easy

Our iOS and Android SDK provides geofencing using GPS, Wi-Fi and beacon technologies. With seamless transition from foreground to background operation, and optional cloud-based definition of locations, the SDK can maximise app location awareness without the hassle that the different platforms bring.


Available for Android Ice Cream Sandwich (API 15) and above.


Available for iOS 8.0 and above.

Example Apps