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Innovation and Funding Services

With our extensive range of contacts, particularly into universities, we can apply leading-edge research to real-world problems.

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Initial consultation
We offer a no obligation free telephone consultation to understand your requirements. This will allow us to review your needs and discuss contacts and funding options.
Bid review
We have a strong track record in securing innovation funding which gives us insight into what makes funding applications successful. Use our review to help strengthen your bid.
Bid development and brokerage
With our experience in applying for innovation funding, we can help you put together a strong bid. With our extensive industrial and university contacts we can bring partnerships to access the technologies and markets you need, either for a post-award fee or project role.
Product development and management
Having secured project funding for your digital innovation, we can offer support for the coordination or management of the project, or support advanced technology development to enable emerging technologies to become practical solutions. Support can be through part-time or full-time project roles through to development teams of our experts, all backed by our proficient project management and support.

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Our expertise is in helping you put together the right project team and funding to bring your innovation to life. Our commercial and academic experience can help with:

Emerging technologies: big data and analytics, intelligence and optimisation, Internet of Things
Requirements definition: user groups, interviews, analysis and specification
Solution design: integrated platforms, real-time solutions, architecture design
Project planning: resource requirements, dependencies, risks, scheduling, team formation
Project management: agile development, partner coordination, funder requirements
Partnership brokering: industrial and university partners, intellectual property, funding constraints
Funding applications: funding partnerships, bid review, bid development, co-funding