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Advanced Design Services

We aim to cut through jargon, understand your needs and help you find the right solution. It may be that an off-the-shelf or existing solution is best, or it may be that you need the specialist support that we can offer.

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Initial consultation
We offer a no obligation free telephone consultation to understand your requirements. This will allow us to review your needs, discuss technologies and recommend options.
Problem definition
For those in need of specialist support, we offer a face-to-face consultation which enables us to fully discuss your needs, interview members of your team, drill into the detail and provide feedback on the best range of solutions available to you.
Technology review
With an in-depth understanding of your needs, we can conduct a detailed technology review to evaluate potential solutions, providing a summary report with clear recommendations.
Solution evaluation
If you have a specific solution in mind, or want to evaluate a range of possible solutions, we offer a series of short, agile development sprints to focus on your needs and produce prototype solutions. Typical sprints last from 2 to 4 weeks with one or more of our experts, all backed by our proficient project management and support.

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Our expertise is in finding the right solution for your business. We use a range of advanced techniques to solve complex problems, providing usable, simple solutions, including:

Computational intelligence: neural networks, machine learning, clustering, regression
Image processing: enhancement, recognition, forensics, augmented and virtual reality
Data analytics: data preparation, cleansing, validation, classification, prediction
Optimisation: monitoring, real-time control, learning
Sensor processing: interfaces, real-time processing, saliency analysis, Internet of Things
Platforms: mobile, web, desktop and embedded software
Languages: C/C++, Java, Android, iOS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Matlab